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I would like to appreciate and value all the courageous students who have a strong doctrine and faith in the reality that education only brings revolution in the world and learning exalts a man from the brutal and cruel nature to the highest degree of humanity.

I congratulate the keen and hard working students who never stop their education and welcome continuing education. Our dedication and commitment along with the devotion of our colleagues make the things different in the field of English Language Learning with various aspects at PELICS. My all affection and respect is dedicated to the path finders in the field of Education and I salute to the learners with all my hearts.

Mr. Fazal Qasim


PELICS was established in 1999, with the main objectives of providing opportunities to all those who can not afford getting education especially language skills and communication skills in expensive formal institutes. In the since 1999 the Institute has achieved the objectives more than the promised with its reality-oriented fulfillment and dedication. It has opened up new educational horizons for all and has provided a promising access to males and females on their doorsteps who are interested in their future building. It is alternating to reach out to the poorest students of the community and country. The idea of English Language learning in Mardan was first rooted by Mr. Asif Khan Yusufzay and he was followed by Mr. Fazal Qasim now The CEO ( Chief Executive Officer) of PELICS in 1999.
This commitment that English language learning opportunities must be provided to those who might have missed it in formal educational institute in our country, Thus the PELICS was established in 1999. Since then it has become a major Institute of learning in the whole province.
It has opened up opportunities for thousands of people from various walks of life. since 1999 PELICS have proved, English Language has opened a new chance for millions, particularly working class, students, females, and helped in the efforts of Government in the field of Education in a big way within its limited resources. Its achievements in the field of English Language and IELTS etc explain the reasons why the majority of the students are taking admission in PELICS in various Programmes.
PELICS is trying its best to fulfill the need for professional learning of English Language and other Programmes. The Lower middle classes and the poor class chance are especially being encouraged to get benefit in English Language etc.
PELICS is committed to excellence in English Language and keeping pace with the modern challenges, with high morale and goals and an open window for various English Language Programmes.
PELICS is full time English Language Institute which provides multi-dimensional approach to Language competence from basis to the higher caliber-oriented programmes. This Institute is a land mark achievement in the innovative perspectives of Language Learning and helps, supports, guides, directs and provides and realizes all Language learning with maximum efforts in minimum time and resources. It is providing a well equipped and well established institute facilities and quality learning to all the seekers and learners without any limits.

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Matric Students should not worry, PELICS has designed the most suitable EFL Course for them to utilize their free time after their Matric Exam so that they will be able to be ready for any college to get admission.


PELICS Main Branch Mardan is going to organize debate Contest, Collage Competition, Quiz Competition and other Fun activities among the students ..